Your'e About To Discover How Specific Grocery Store Foods Will Allow You To Reclaim Your Energy, Maximize Your Sleep, Burn Fat Naturally, Feel Better Naked & Even Potentially, Throw Away ALL Your Prescription Medications

Here’s how you can EAT your way back to good health, endless energy, and balanced hormone levels…

… look and feel 10-15 years younger…

… and burn up to 20 pounds of belly fat off your body in the next 12 weeks…

... without relying on prescription medications, exhausting exercise programs or restrictive diets.

Dear Family,

If you want to get off all your prescription medications within the next 6 months

start feeling great again instead of waking up feeling like crap… 

and look and feel like you’re 25… 

then this is going to be the most important message you read all day.

Because I’m going to show you a powerful system that will help you eat your way back to good health, with nothing but foods you can find in your local grocery store...

But before I reveal this system to you… let me ask you a question:

Did you ever hear the quote:

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”

I remember the first time I heard that - I thought it was a bunch of crap.

But it wasn’t until I discovered about how eating certain foods can reverse common symptoms like...

  • Cancer
  • Fibromyalgia 
  • Unbalanced hormones 
  • Weight gain 
  • Low energy 
  • Depression 
  • High blood pressure 
  • Cholesterol 
  • Heart disease 
  • Diabetes 
  • Dementia/Alzheimers 
  • Skin conditions 
  • Slow Metabolism 
  • Chronic sickness 
  • Worsening eyesight 
  • Compromised Immune system

… Then I started believing this quote might be true!

Maybe you're skeptical… Just like we were! 

Maybe you don’t think it’s possible to reverse yourself of almost any sickness and get into the best shape of your life just by adding a few delicious foods into your lifestyle.

So I’m not going to try and convince you.

Instead I’m just going to tell you a quick story of how I used an easy to follow system called Symptom Reversal Nutrition to empower my moms body to reverse her own fibromyalgia, fatigue, and slow weight gain she endured for ten long years.

Here’s my story:

My name is Chris Van Berg. I’m a health coach from Austin,Texas.

Eight years ago, I found myself wondering how to help my mom reverse her Fibromyalgia. 

This horrible disease ravaged her body, destroyed her quality of life and kept her dependent on a load of prescription medications that barely gave her any relief.

She lived for almost a decade in incredible pain! 

The pain started in her arms and eventually spread throughout her whole body.

She would lay in bed for 3-4 days at a time…
drugged on immune suppressants and pain killers

It was painful for me to watch her suffer, give up her quality of life and the things she loved the most.

After years and years of trying various prescription medications, medical specialists and various health clinics… I was desperate to find a way to help her!

So I started to research alternative medical treatments that could give her some relief. That’s when I learned all about Symptom Reversal Nutrition… and it looked like…

Maybe This Nutritional Plan Could Be 

The Answer To Her Prayers!

After all - all of the medical advice and medicine her doctors had given her had failed… what did she have to lose?

We started introducing new foods into her diet and eliminating a few potentially problematic ones.

She was still able to eat most of the foods she loved… and she was eating a lot of other foods that put her body in a more healthy, alkaline state.

And then, something amazing happened…

Her Symptoms Started To Vanish!

She was moving without pain. She got off all of her prescription medications. And she even started to teach dance class again!

On top of that her energy levels were higher than they’d been in years. Her hormones started to regulate themselves. She even lost 20 pounds of body fat in the process.

She looked better… and she felt like a million bucks!

The main reason this happened was because she was introducing new foods into her diet that did the job her prescription medication SHOULD have done.

Like most people... as she got older... my mother fell victim to a system that progressively made her symptoms worse and worse.

She had become another statistic in...

The Great Prescription Medication Hoax!

Each year, millions of Americans suffer at the hands of the very doctors who are trying to help them.

What most people don't know is that The #3 Killer In the US is called - "IATROGENIC DEATHS."  

Does this sound familiar to you?  

Of course not...Because we barely learned about it 4 years ago and we been in the health field over 40 years.

Here's what this term actually means: Relating to illness / Death caused by medical examination or treatment. 

This is to protect our broken system and this is why it is disguised as a word you and I both have never heard of.

So our family members, brothers and sisters are duped into a life hooked on painkillers and prescription drugs that do nothing but mask the symptoms they’re feeling.

Instead of helping, these medications often cause more harm than good.

They mess with your hormone levels...massively increase toxicity..increase constipation..make you retain water... throw off your body’s pH balance... make it harder to lose weight... and sap you of your energy.

And most people report feeling worse and worse as years go on!

Often other medications are required to balance the side effects of the original medications.

Unfortunately, many people live out the second half of their lives a slave to their prescription medication.

It’s a shame… because most people’s diseases and symptoms can be cured on their weekly trip to the grocery store. 

The shocking truth about most diseases is that most of these nasty, painful conditions can be traced back to a lack of nutrients, vitamins or minerals in your body.

When I learned about Symptom Reversal Nutrition - I knew it could help people like my mother.

It made sense. The two things we humans consume more than anything else are food and water.

But the science behind it offers a more comprehensive picture as to why Symptom Reversal Nutrition works so well for people with painful, debilitating conditions and diseases.

How Does Symptom Reversal Nutrition Work?

Here’s why it works so well.

Most prescription medications never get to the root cause of the disease or condition you have. 

They “work” by manipulating biochemical reactions in your body to mask the effects of the symptoms you’re experiencing… which may or may not help you feel better.

Not to mention the monthly residual expense of refills and continuation of use.

So if you can’t lose weight... if you’re living in pain…  if you have low energy or fatigued… or if you have an autoimmune disease… 

Your medicine isn’t going to do anything to reverse this condition. 

At best it will simply manage your symptoms, without ever getting close to addressing the root cause of the issue.

But Symptom Reversal Nutrition is different.

Symptom Reversal Nutrition is a systematic plan you can use to introduce the perfect foods that contain key vitamins, minerals and nutrients your body needs in the perfect non toxic ratio's it needs to not only function properly… but to Thrive!

Our 3 Part Symptom Reversal Nutrition System

1-When my business partner, Brian Johnson, and I take people through our system… the first thing we offer them as part of their tuition in our Nutrition Empowerment Series is a comprehensive diagnostic lifestyle assessment.

By getting a complete assessment of your lifestyle habits, it’s very easy to see the small changes you can make that can turn around your health and well being in a matter of days, sometimes even hours to minutes (Seems crazy and I assure you we see it happen daily).

2-In our series you will learn what foods help your unique situation and how to implement them into your lifestyle.

3-The final step is to cut out a few problematic foods that have been worsening your symptoms. Once you start this final step, you’ll start to feel great again.

You’ll notice higher levels of energy... you’ll start to look and feel 10-20 years younger… and you’ll find it incredibly easy to lose fat (it will feel like it’s falling off your body effortlessly).

Don’t worry… you won’t have to give up all the foods you love. 

We just cut out a few foods you should stay away from when you can and teach you to enjoy them via your "REWARD MEAL" once per week.

(Moderation is fine in all things. We’ve found that excessive restrictions and limitations can do more harm and cause more stress than their worth)

Now, you could hire us to personally coach you through our system and you still can if we have room.

Thousands of people have hired us to help them get back into incredible shape and experience good health again without going on some insane diet or exercise program.

But our time is limited. And our coaching is expensive for some people.

So we decided the best way to serve you would be by taking all of the knowledge we have about Symptom Reversal Nutrition… and package it up into an easy to follow system that YOU can use at home to get into the best shape of your life and empower your body to heal it's self of whatever conditions or symptoms you have.

I’d like to introduce you to our… 

Our Nutrition Empowerment Series is an easy to follow system where you can finally discover how to eat your way back to good health using only foods you find in your grocery store.

It contains a series of 6 video modules that guide you through discovering some ideal eating plans for you. 

All you have to do is simply watch the video modules one at a time and follow along.

At the end of the 6 video modules, you’ll have a complete plan laid out for you that will show you exactly what foods to eat for maximum results.

This is the exact system we use in our health and wellness coaching business to get such incredible results for our clients

But instead of hiring us, you’ll be able to follow along with the videos and transform your body, your mind and your health all on your own in the privacy & comfort of your own home using your phone or computer.

When you use our system you’ll be amazed to find out how easy it is to make your body and mind feel incredible again! 

You’ll see that getting results is as simple as reaching for a few different items at your super market each week.

Imagine how empowered you will feel with your new grocery store tools and wisdom.

Imagine being able to now help your family and friends with their challenges because you will be able to when you complete our system.

Won't that feel amazing to empower yourself and those you love in your life to thrive?

When you follow our Nutritional Empowerment System here’s what you can expect to happen to you:

  • You’ll start to lose body fat without sacrificing all your favorite foods, without crazy exercise plans, and without having to starve your way down to your ideal weight.
  • You’ll wake up each day full of energy. No more hitting the snooze button 5x before rolling out of bed. No more wiping the sleep from your eyes or forcing yourself to look at your phone to “wake your brain up.” No more “zombie-mode” until you get your coffee. You’ll feel fresh and energized the moment you open your eyes.
  • Some of your lingering aches and pains will start to vanish. You won’t have those dull, lingering pains that follow you around. Your body will start to feel like you’re 10-20 years younger.
  • Your skin will give off a warm, vibrant glow. You might notice blemishes clearing up and wrinkles fading from your face. People will compliment you on how great you look. You’ll look healthier and younger because you’re finally eating the foods your body has been longing for all these years.
  • Your doctor will be shocked the next time they see you. Don’t be surprised if your doctor has a million questions for you once they peek at your latest blood test results. They’ll be curious to know how you made such drastic improvements in your vital health markers.
  • Friends and family members will start to ask you what your “secret” is. The fact is, a lot of people will be jealous when they start seeing the amazing improvements your body is making. You don’t have to hold back - feel free to share what’s been working for you. They’ll thank you for it.
  • You’ll feel awake and energized all day without ever feeling like you need a nap mid day. If you’ve ever gotten tired between 12pm-5pm you know how hard it can be to push through the mid-afternoon slump. After going through our Nutrition Empowerment Series, you’ll have all-day energy.
  • Your partner will start to give you “that look” again. You know the one. The look of love, lust and passion that might have been missing for a long, long time. Your newfound health, energy and vitality will be a “wake up” call for your love life… and you’ll rekindle the old flames of passion you had when the two of you just met.
  • You’ll have a renewed sense of confidence and swagger the next time you’re in your swimsuit. You’ll never feel embarrassed to take your shirt off or wear that two-piece bikini that’s been hiding in the back of your closet for so long. (Plus, you’ll look even better in your birthday suit.)
  • The next 20-30 years of your life will be spent living on YOUR terms. You won’t have to worry about your health rapidly declining... you’ll know how to take care of yourself so you won’t be a burden on your family… and you know you’ll be able to grow old comfortably… without having to live in the doctor's office or with help from a live-in aid or nursing home. You’ll get to enjoy your best years dancing, golfing, spending time with your friends and family, and living life the way you always intended.

All you have to do is watch each of the 6 video modules and you’ll know exactly how to empower your body to heal and feel like you’re 25 again.

Here’s what some of our clients have had to say about how our Nutrition Empowerment Series has helped change their lives:

“I lost 23 lbs in 6 weeks and feel better than ever” -Chef Johnny Carino from "Johnny Carino's"

"The last 17 days, Brian has coached me through 21 pounds of weight loss and 7.5% in body fat reduction." Chris Warner-Professional Actor & Writer

"My life has transformed! I'm not getting sick like I use to when I travel and speak. I feel great and I have Brian & Chris to thank for it!"

"As a health and wellness professional that travels the world speaking, I even sent my own mother to Brian & Chris to help her with her thyroid and emotional challenges"

"I reversed off 5 medications in 3 months with Chris and Brian's help! I am forever grateful they helped me break free from the prison I was in to help me to reclaim my life.. Some of my medications I was on for 30 years! My doctors told me this was impossible and told me I would never come off of them-EVER!"-Violet Hall

Our Nutrition Empowerment Series is NOT a boring lecture on health and nutrition. It is an exciting, fast-moving video series that will show you how to quickly and easily get your health back on the right track in less than a few days.

Plus, it’s stashed full of juicy nutrition secrets you can use to get some quick wins and start feeling better the very same day you get access to it.

In our Nutrition Empowerment Series, you’ll discover...

  • How to use an avocado seed to flush out plaque from your arteries
  • One fruit that reverses asthma (filled with vitamin C and low in sugar - won’t spike your blood sugar levels)
  • How to burn belly fat off hour-by-hour by eating MORE fatty foods. Plus you’ll see how some of these fatty foods decrease and reverse symptoms of heart disease
  • A tasty food that helped thousands of seniors reduce their cancer rates by 300%
  • The little known part of your body that controls 80% of your immune system health (and how to optimize it so you can cut your doctor’s visits in half)
  • A powerful vegetable that produces fresh new red blood cells and flushes your body clean of any toxins and impurities
  • How to use your diet to reduce your allergies and sensitivities
  • The “cucumber’s cousin” that works like insulin - reverses diabetes and fixes blood sugar dips and spikes
  • Detoxify your liver and kidneys while fighting every neurological disease with this one common food you’ll find in your grocery store
  • A powerful “summertime” fruit that is one of the most potent breast cancer and prostate cancer preventatives…
  • The “magic mushroom” that can give you limitless energy, strength and focus…
  • In fact, this “magic mushroom” helped one women’s 1992 Olympics team beat five world records. And no… it’s not going to cause you hallucinate and see pink elephants dancing in your living room… but it WILL help skyrocket your energy levels and could help you feel superhuman. Plus, it even lowers blood pressure, lowers cholesterol and boosts your immune system through the roof.

Here’s more of what you’ll discover:

  • Struggling with declining vision? Studies show this common food improves eyesight, while preventing rectal decay and glaucoma
  • How to combat viruses and even AIDS with this tropical fruit? It almost sounds too good to be true - but it works.
  • Discover what “buttery” nut can improve your brain function, lower your blood pressure and help you sleep like a rock.
  • One food that improves lung function and sharpens eyesight.
  • The vegetable that increases your oxygen intake (Has been shown in numerous studies to improve vitality and reverse common illnesses)
  • Which potent “green food” lowers your blood pressure the most
  • Why it’s easier than you think to eat your way to a flat, toned belly (and how it’s even possible to see some of your abs or even get a six pack - even if you’re over 40)
  • Stop working hard at your diet and exercise: this one secret will change the way you think about health, reduce your stress and anxiety, and lead you to higher levels of happiness when you think about your diet
  • The “Orange Panacea” that’s been proven to combat OA & RA arthritis pain, breast cancer, and prostate cancer
  • Improve thyroid function and fight cancer with this powerful little nut
  • A powerful “herb” that can calm you down after a hard day…

No… you don’t roll it up and smoke it. But this herb has been shown in studies to be beneficial for people with asthma and breathing issues. It also combats anxiety and depression. And it even improves your mood and relaxes you by increasing circulation to your brain.

Here’s more secrets you’ll learn about:

  • Why an “apple a day” does NOT keep the doctor away (and what to eat instead if you want to stay out of the doctors office for the next year)
  • A fruit with as much soluble fiber as 15 bowls of Cheerios
  • Get 60x the Vitamin C of an orange with one serving of this delicious berry
  • Don’t spend another dollar on any of those fancy “detox” kits. The world’s most potent detoxifier is located in your vegetable aisle.
  • How to cut down your risk of dying before your time by 90%. (This is easily preventable with a few small lifestyle changes you won’t miss)
  • Eat this food when you’re out at a fancy restaurant - has a powerful effect on your hormones and a stimulating effect on your libido. (Food scientists call it nature’s strongest natural aphrodisiac)
  • Discover which diet is statistically proven to provide the longest life span and the least chance of chronic illness and disease
  • The greatest “low-impact” fat burning exercise known to man. The best part: You don’t need to be in shape, flexible, strong and injury free to do it.
  • Don’t spit the seeds! Discover the one powerful natural compound found in most fruit seeds that is one of the most effective natural medicines for reversing cancer
  • The skin of THIS fruit will do more to reduce blood pressure and lower cholesterol than the most powerful prescription medications on the planet
  • The “Black Seed” that sends your sex drive through the roof…

Warning: Do NOT snack on this item at the checkout line. We caution you to wait until you’re safely at home with your partner before ingesting this food. It will improve blood flow and increase your confidence when you’re ready to get busy. Plus, it even helps with arthritis.

But that’s not all. You’ll also learn about:

  • The best diet to follow if you’re struggling with an autoimmune disease or allergies (it was designed to help avoid an immune response from white blood cell reaction after eating)
  • How to “drink” away your gout. The liquid from this common fruit has been proven to lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and inflammation from gout.
  • The fermented food that’s 10x stronger than any over the counter probiotic.
  • How to end food cravings for good.
  • A simple “adjustment” you can make to your posture that cures 90% of headaches AND gives you the energy you need to instantly break out of a lethargic state.
  • The vegetable that reduces edema and is great for your heart. It’s high in potassium and is a potent detoxifier, too.
  • Eating the stem of this common grocery store vegetable (that most people throw out) gives you some of the most powerful cancer fighting enzymes in the word.
  • The top 5 foods men and women can use to balance their hormones in a matter of days.
  • 3 easy ways to speed up or slow down your metabolism.
  • The third most potent detoxifier in your vegetable aisle, that is also a powerful cancer fighter.
  • What is better for you, Juicing or Blending?
  • We dive deep into both and reveal which is better for you and your health. If you think they’re both the same… you’re in for quite a shock.

You’ll also discover…

  • One fatty food that sheds excess body fat, lowers blood pressure, controls cholesterol and helps reverse diabetes.
  • One “fruit” that renews your skin and is great for diabetics.
  • Clean your blood and fight depression at the same time by eating this “sweet” food.
  • The berry that improves eyesight, turns back the clock on aging, and increases your longevity.
  • The $7 item that boosts your immune system 80%.
  • “Asian Delight” conserves lean muscle and gets rid of muscle soreness in active people almost overnight.
  • The best food to eat if you’re going through menopause. (Hint: it’s naturally high in phyto-estrogens and will help you balance your hormones naturally)
  • 40% of all prescription medications are based off phyto-nutrients isolated from nature - Learn which foods can replace more than half of your prescription medications (And they’ll work more effectively, too)
  • Antiviral. Antibacterial. Anti-fungal. Lowers blood pressure. Rich in nutrients. VERY inexpensive. Find this food in the produce aisle.
  • The most bio-available protein on the market is NOT what you think. It stays in your blood stream for 5-6 hours (3x longer than most other proteins) so it eliminates your strongest cravings and staves off hunger pangs.
  • Most people throw THIS part of their food away… but they wouldn’t if they knew how well it boosts brain power and improves eyesight.
  • Plus, you’ll discover much, much more...

Our Nutritional Empowerment Series normally sells on our website for $497!  

Brian and I both charge $1,000 per hour for one-on-one nutritional consultations. It would cost at least $12,000 to hire us both to teach you this same information.

So the $497 price tag for our course really is a drop in the bucket compared to the money you’d normally invest, and to the money Brian and I already have invested in mastering this wisdom. Not to mention over 40 years of combined experience and well over 100,000 hours invested in our own education that you will soon be the recipient of. 

And we realize that $497 might still be a lot of money for some people.

And it’s our goal to help as many people as possible “eat” their way back to good health! 

So we decided (for a limited time, as part of a special we’re running for new subscribers to our email list) to drop our price down to only one payment of…

Only $97 and here’s the best part!

That's 400$ OFF

If our Nutrition Empowerment System doesn’t work for you - you don’t pay a dime..

Even though this system has worked for over 10,000 of our coaching clients… if for some reason it doesn’t work for you… or if you just don’t like it… you can get all your money back immediately!

You are protected by our ironclad…30 day...“100% Money Back Guarantee” 

Here’s how it works: 

-Get our Nutrition Empowerment Series Today. 

-Go through our 6 module course from your phone, computer, I pad... 

-Start implementing our suggestions into your lifestyle. 

-If you don’t end up feeling better than you ever have, understand what foods will help with reversing your medication dependency, start having more energy than you've had in years, start sleeping better, notice a boost in your confidence and start losing body fat ..then we will refund every penny of your money. 

You risk absolutely nothing! 

If you don’t like it for any reason… or for no reason at all… just shoot us a quick email and we will refund your purchase immediately and let you keep our program as our gift to you.

We won’t fight you or try and get you to stay.

So you literally have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Imagine how you will feel with more energy, a boost in confidence, a new understanding of how to eat, a new understanding of what to eat, and how to put it all together to achieve the results & body you have always wanted.. 

All this for only $97 with no risk and a 100% Money Back Guarantee..

The confidence boost alone is worth $97, not to mention the wisdom to keep you out of the doctors office and the wisdom to help you reverse any unwanted medications..

So right now you are at a crossroads. And the way I see it, you have two options.

Option 1:

-Continue down the path you’re on. Keep eating the same foods that have been damaging your health. Keep wasting your time and money with things that are not helping you.

-Keep doing the same exercises or activities that have been killing your muscles and joints. 

-Keep taking prescription medications that are ravaging your internal organs and hormone levels. Keep waking up groggy, foggy, sleepy, unsatisfied, unfulfilled and on the sideline of your own life. 

-Keep running your body and your immune system down until you’re in the doctor’s office every week. 

-Fast forward 1 year, will you be happy with how you feel & look?  

-What about 5 years from now?  Will you be happy with how you feel? 

-How much money will you have wasted on medications? ($100 per month is $1,200 for 1 year, $6,000 for 5 years) 

-What could you have done with this extra money? Is your ailment any better?

-How about how you look in your birthday suite?  How about how you feel in your birthday suite?

-Be honest, think about where you actually wasted $97 on unfulfilling stuff that leaves you empty shortly after -every time. 

-Now is your opportunity to thrive..Give yourself permission to invest in YOU...the best gift you could ever give yourself is -The Gift of Health.

-Think of your body as you car..the better you take care of it the better it takes care of you..One very important thing to remember is that you can NOT trade your body in for a newer, better model..

-Now is the only time you really have.. 

-And you literally have nothing to lose..

Option 2:

-Try out our Nutrition Empowerment Series 100% risk free. 

-See how Symptom Reversal Nutrition can get you feeling better than you ever have in your life with Grocery Store Foods and give you the cleanest bill of health from your doctor you’ve ever gotten! 

-You either get into feeling your best or you get all your money back. 

-Plus, you’ll immediately start to have more energy… body fat will melt off your body (even while you’re sitting on the couch)... you’ll need less and less doctor’s visits and less & less prescription medications-eventually none… and you’ll start to feel 10-20 years younger. 

-Make the smart decision for your health-you have nothing to lose

We look forward to serving you,

Chris Van Berg & Brian Johnson 

P.S. Our Nutrition Empowerment System is the only proven system you can use to successfully eat your way back to good health and get into the best shape of your life. Remember, it’s worked for over 10,000 of our coaching clients, it will work for you too if you follow the step-by-step plan we lay out for you. 

P.P.S. You won’t risk a penny by trying our Nutrition Empowerment System

P.P.P.S. You will not recognize the person you become after going through our system. And that’s good thing. Your clothes will fit better. You’ll love the person you see in the mirror. And you’ll look and feel younger. People will be asking you for advice on how to do what you did. You’re going to love the way you look and feel.

Here's what some of our clients are saying..

-Brian and Chris are highly educated and motivation guys who have helped thousands of people... Including me in my journey of executing knowledge of health and wellness you share with the world. Keep up through excellent work guys! -Tiffany Blair 

-What an experience the more I think about it the more excited I get. First how emotions demonstrate in our body. Really so thankful and excited I can hardly put to words. I would say for over 20 years I have struggled with lower back pain. We talked narrowed it down to being abandoned by my Mom. She chose drugs over her kids. With your guidance I gave myself permission to feel angry and hurt. Never being able to feel that before lead to a great deal of frustration that showed in my lower back. Well lower back pain is gone. Low or no energy is gone. Feel more alive then I think I have in my 49 years. The freedom and energy I have blows me away. Knowing that I can choose that I have a choice has opened up a whole different world for me. Forever great full can not express how I feel! Thank you Chris & Brian! - Patty Leonard  

-I love the videos Brian does. He is very insightful and knowledgeable. Very easy once you listen and start applying even just one thing - Cassandra Bianca 

-Great information!!! I just started following these guys a couple days ago and I'm hooked!!-Carla LaBang 

-Just talked to Brian! High energy and lots of great information!!! Thanks again!-Carrie Blaney 

-Great great great a must see and blessed seen it! - Nicole Membane